Scrap Metal Prices Updated January 20, 2020 [Date: 22 January 2020 ]

All scrap metal prices updated this week.

We added a lot of blog posts for the last 3 weeks. Very interesting information.

New scrap listings coming this week.

Blog Updated Today [Date: 23 December 2019 ]

There are new blog postings.

We'll be updating ALL the scrap prices this week, including the Shipbreaking prices for India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

Scrap iron prices are strong. Join to get prices and deals.

Blog Updated Today [Date: 13 November 2019 ]

I updated the blog today with some market guidance and mentality of how scrap yards operate. It's a good read.

Site Updates this Week [Date: 21 October 2019 ]

New blogs added today providing a detailed market analysis.

New Listings Added for scrap steel and precious metals.

Full Scrap Price updates coming Wednesday, including Shipbreaking prices.

New Listings, Price Updates, Blog [Date: 23 September 2019 ]

New Listings have added today.

Full Price updates coming this week.

Blog updated with interesting and useful information.

New Blog Added Today [Date: 21 August 2019 ]

Today's blog covers the freefall of iron ore and how it affects scrap iron.

More listings coming tomorrow.

2 New Blogs Added [Date: 20 August 2019 ]

New blogs added - some interesting information.

We just got our updated shipbreaking prices and will be adding them this week.

HMS prices are down about $10 MT this past week. We'll update those too.

New Buy & Sell Listings Added [Date: 16 August 2019 ]

New Buy & Sell Listings added for both ferrous and nonferrous scrap - a lot of tonnage!!

Blog updated today.

More updates coming over the weekend.

New Listings + New Blogs Added [Date: 15 August 2019 ]

New Scrap Iron & Metal For Sale listings added for 7+ grades of scrap.

New Blogs Added Today Updates [Date: 29 July 2019 ]

Scrap Iron & Metal prices updated.

eScrap prices updated

Shipbreaking prices updated.

New Supply Offers posted

Excellent new scrap metal recycling machinery vendor added.

New Listings Added Today [Date: 19 July 2019 ]

New Listings Added Today

Blog updated today.

More updates coming this weekend.

New Scrap Iron & Metal Listing Added [Date: 5 July 2019 ]

We posted a new Scrap Iron & Metal Listing today from an excellent scrap metal company that operates 3 yards. Join to get the details.

We also added a new Blog Post today too.

Scrap Iron Prices Going Up [Date: 3 July 2019 ]

Scrap iron prices moved up in July. Login or Subscribe to get the latest prices on the market.

New Sell Offers added today.

Buy & Sell Offers Added Today [Date: 3 July 2019 ]

10 New Buy & Sell Offers added today for scrap iron, bulk shipments, copper, eScrap, and nickel.

We also added more logistics details and resources.

11 New Nonferrous Listings Just Added [Date: 3 July 2019 ]

We added 11 new nonferrous scrap metal listings today. A lot of material available for Buyers.

Join for more details.

Logistics Information Updated [Date: 1 July 2019 ]

We added information to our logistics page for Container Bookings, Bulk Shipments, Warehousing, and Drayage.

New Publication Added [Date: 1 July 2019 ]

We added a new publication to our Resources content.

We added another blog today about the hot scrap steel market in Vietnam.

Shipbreaking Prices Updated [Date: 25 June 2019 ]

We updated the Shipbreaking prices today too. Our analysis covers India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Turkey, and other markets.

Updates are posted several times a day. Click Here for the full list of Updates.

Scrap Metal Prices Update June 24, 2019 [Date: 24 June 2019 ]

We updated all the Ferrous, Nonferrous, and Electronic Scrap Prices. Over 170 different grades of scrap.

Welcome to Scrap Metal News [Date: 21 June 2019 ]

Welcome to the launch of Scrap Metal News! Your #1 source for scrap metal news, prices, projects, scrap deals, and resources.